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Libro de crónicas gastronómicas viajeras
Las pequeñas alegrías

Un homenaje a todos esos pequeños detalles cotidianos que nos hacen amar la vida.

Debate, 2024

Hacer listas y tacharlas, ponerse el pijama al llegar a casa, lavar el coche, descorchar una botella de vino y servirse una copa... Se cuentan por cientos los pequeños gestos capaces de sacarnos una sonrisa cada día. Este libro es una celebración y una reivindicación de esos placeres discretos y cotidianos que hacen la vida más llevadera

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San Elvis, ruega por nosotros

An ode to journalism and the art of storytelling, to the and to literature, to rigor and nonchalance.

Catedral, 2021

This book is not a memoir, it's not a stock of anecdotes of thirty years of journalism, it's not a selection of articles, it's not a nostalgic ode to journalism, but it is, without a doubt, all the above​.

En each chapter, Arenós what he wrote years ago. From anecdote to reflection, the reader is caught like a fly on honey. An ode to journalism and the art of storytelling, to the trade and to literature, to rigour and nonchalance


Libro sobre la ciudad de Barcelona y sus personajes
Barcelona 13

Coautor: Jordi Saladrigas

Photos: Julio Carbó

Ediciones B, 1997

Thirteen barcelonian dredge memories and landscapes of the intimacies of their urban biography to plot thirteen sentimental itineraries through a very personal city


La vida de personajes decisivos del siglo XX
Los momentos decisivos

In this beautiful and unrepeatable book we discover the lifes of nine unforgettable characters of the 20th century.

Photos: Albert Bertran

RBA, 2001

They tell us about the minute that might have changed their life forever


Cocina en casa

101 original recipes, both attractive and familiar.

Debate, 2022

"These are the dishes I prepare for my family, that we eat at home, the ones I thought up during lockdown and kept cooking afterwards. I don’t mistrust professional work —on the contrary, I feel admiration— but it takes away the truth at the service of a fictional beauty and irks the mundane chef, inside all of us, that can never reproduce that artwork"


C056765_frontal_nadar con atunes.jpg
Nadar con atunes y otras aventuras gastronómicas que no siempre salen bien

A collection of gastronomic adventures.

Debate, 2021

'Nadar con atunes y otras aventuras gastronómicas que no siempre salen bien' mixes top chefs with secondary roads. Gastronomy is often like this, full of exits and disasters, journeys that end badly or pleasant experiences that propel towards new dimensions


La cocina de los valientes (extended edition)

Extended edition of recent classic, with a new prologue of the so called tecnoemotional revolution, that altered the global cuisine in a positive way. Without skimping on critics, Pau Arenós speculates on the present and the future, with a chapter dedicated to the women chefs and another to the youths of the great kitchens.

Ediciones B, 2019

“One of the best gastronomic writers of the world”

(Juan Mari Arzak)


Libro de crónicas gastronómicas viajeras

32 journeys across the world searching for the perfect meal and some indigestions and disillusions.

Debate, 2017

¡Plato! is a collection of gastronomical journeys around the globe searching for perfect meals- and unexpectedly and frustratingly a lot of imperfect ones- and the many stories of the people who make them


Chefs más importantes de Cataluña
Xefs més importants de Catalunya
Los genios del fuego

The masters of the fire: who they are, how they create and what do they cook. 50 high cuisine recipes from ten vanguard chefs.

Photos: Albert Bertran 

Península, 1999

The recipes, impressions and photographs of ten vanguard chefs of Spain for the first time gathered in a unique work in all Spain


Retrato de la cocina tecnoemocional
La cocina de los valientes

A critic portrait of the modern high cuisine, of the so called “technoemocional” whose key words are vanguard, creativity, innovation and gallantry.

Ediciones B, 2011

“The definitive book about modern gastronomy”

(Ferran Adrià)


Los cocineros del futuro
Los once

The chefs that are paving the way forward

Ediciones B, 2014

Albert Adrià, David Muñoz, Angel León, Francis Paniego, Paco Pérez, Josean Alija, Paco Roncero, Eneko Atxa, Ricard Camarena, Marcos Morán, Paco Morales.

The most important recipes of their careers


Recetario con platos fáciles y resultones
Hecho en casa

Own ideas and adaptations from others, with the approval of his family (obligatory tasters during a year) and with the usual humour and charm of the author.

Ediciones B, 2013

What happens when a gastronomy chronicler unveils his intimacies and culinary secrets and switches the pen for the knife?


La historia de los platos más populares
La memòria dels plats

ARA Llibres, 2005

Travel in time through our recipes, from the greek cuisine to the traditional catalan recipe books, through the pharaonic cuisine and the domestic experience


Guía de restaurantes de Barcelona y Cataluña
He descubierto un restaurante

This book is a gastronomic portrait of Catalonia.

Península, 2005

What is happening now that gourmets across the world are? What is beyond Barcelona, screen city and therefore disdainful of what stands to its sides?


Guía de restaurantes de Barcelona y Cataluña
Deixa't guiar

Primera Plana, 2007

The new kind of food in Barcelona and Catalonia


Andanzas de un detective en Barcelona
El topo a la luz del día

Discover a truly original voice, in which the nods to literature and good food stand out, and a cultural critique as biting as it is funny.

El Aleph, 2003

Agreement and disagreements of an accidental detective with food, sex and violence


El encuentro de dos solitarios
Una puta muy alta

An XXL size prostitute tells stories to an urban hermit.

Stella Maris, 2016

The people that answer to my advertisement are not usually common. There is click, a spark, something that makes them pick up the phone


Fuck news.jpg
Fuck news

Fabulations, stories, fiction. Rewrite reality after reading the newspaper.

Malpaso Ediciones, 2019

Fiction, essay, news, opinion? Fuck news is, nothing more and nothing less, the world –split in news sections–seen through the warping talent and imagination of Pau Arenós


Mi buen asesino.jpg
Mi buen asesino

What happens when a professional hitman finds himself incapable of carrying out his job?

Ediciones Carena, 2019

A culinary thriller that will whet your appetite


Portada bona.jpg
Álex y Sandra

Previously edited in paper with another title (Una puta muy alta) and published now as an e-book, Álex y Sandra tells an atypical story of love and confinement y and asks a very disquieting yet necessary question: if one day we disappear, who will miss us?

A novel about love and isolation


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